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Welcome aboard! I like to describe my work as ‘Canvas of light’ and I hope that some of the images that you see will rekindle your interest in nature and photography as whole. I have been doing photography for over 20 years and have gone through many different, and often obsessive phases of photographing things like macro, travel, nature and people.

I started off with Olympus trip 35 and Kiev 19 (Nikon Mount ) and later moved to cannon EOS 650 and Pentax K1000.The Pentax served me well for several years until I grew out of it. So I bought a Nikon F80 and later a Nikon D50 with Sigma 180mm macro lens, this changed my photography a huge amount! After that I got myself small array of lenses and DSLR's .If you would like to write something about the pictures/content or contact me; you can do that in contact page. I update this site often, so please take some time to browse and see what’s new! Hope you will enjoy my "Canvas of Light! I'm also a founder, co-owner and moderator of a photo sharing site called www.creativephotoartist.org

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